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One of the most common garage doors problem, is a broken spring. When a garage door spring is broken, the door cannot work, until you replace the broken spring with a new one. One of the reasons that lead to a broken garage door spring, is lack of garage door maintenance, which should be performed at least every six months. That is why we highly recommend, to provide your garage door with a maintenance service, at least every 6 months, to make sure that door will continue to work in a perfect way for many more years.
If the spring of your garage door is broken, or if you think that the spring need an adjustment, we highly recommend that you stop using the door, and call a garage door company in Oxnard . If you will continue to use the damaged door, not only that you will make the problem worst, but it can be dangerous to you, or to those who uses the garage door.
A broken garage door spring does not mean that you need to replace the garage door. All it means is that you need to replace the spring, which is a job that can be done by any garage door technician, as long as he is professional and experienced. Whether it is a torsion garage door spring repair, or an extension spring that need to be replaced, it is important to wait for the repairman to fix the spring before using the door again.
Our garage doors technicians, have successfully fixed and replaced hundreds of garage doors springs in Oxnard . They have the experience to fit the door with the right spring, that will bring it back on track again, and that will help the garage door work in the perfect way that every garage door should work. A garage door with extension springs, should include safety cables, which should prevent damage in case the spring will break. If you have extensions springs, but you cannot find the safety cables, please contact a garage door company in Oxnard , which will come and install safety cables. You may not need them right now, but they can save you or other objects in case they break.
Warning!!! Garage doors springs are under a lot of tension. When they break, they can be dangerous to you, or to objects near them. If you think that there is something wrong with the garage door springs, or any other part of the door, or if the garage door is not working like before, or if it making strange noise, please contact a garage door contractor in Oxnard , to come and inspect the door.

Torsion Spring Oxnard California
Most overhead garage doors are equipped with either torsion spring system, or extension spring system. The springs are the power that make even the heaviest doors to open so smoothly even when they are being used manually. If your garage door is equipped with torsion spring system, you will be able to see the springs 0 or a single spring in some cases – installed on top of the open, wrapped around the shaft. Those spring are usually installed for commercial garage doors in Oxnard California, since they are designed to take more weight when they are properly installed.
If you are searching for a garage door supplier in California, to purchase torsion springs and to install them by yourself, you should think again. Torsion spring repair is something that require certain tools and of course knowledge that in some cases only a trained garage door technician possess. There are many DIY tutorials online, where you can find explanation on how to replace a torsion spring, but we prefer not to advice in that matter, since after many years of repairing torsion springs in Oxnard , we saw some cases when trying to replace a torsion spring without the needed tools and experience ended badly.
Extension Spring repair Oxnard California
Most overhead doors in Oxnard California include extension sparing system. When you look at your door, locate the tracks, and look above them. You will see that above each track there is a spring (In some cases you will find 2 springs on each side). Those are your extension springs. It is important to let you know that every extension spring repair, and it does not matter if it is a spring repair in Oxnard , or a spring replacement, should include safety cables installation. The safety cables may seem like a waste of money to you, since your door worked fine so far without them, but what you should know is one simple thing: Safety cables can save you a lot of money, and in some cases even protect from injuries.
Extension spring Oxnard
Why the safety cables are so important?
We will demonstrate with a short story. One of our technicians arrived to a garage door repair in Bay Ridge California. The customer had a problem with one of his safety sensors, and he fixed the problem. When he noticed that the door is working by extension springs, and that there are no safety cables installed, he offered the customer to install them for him.
The customer replied that the door worked fine for 12 years with no safety cables, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t continue to work. After 3 months, we are receiving a call from that customer who ask us to send the same technician that we sent him 3 months ago. When the tech arrived, he see that the spring snapped, and that the customer is laughing. Apparently when the spring snapped, the ring fly and broke his windshield, something that cost him 495$.
So be careful, and never play or test the safety guidelines.
What to do when the garage spring break?
If one of your garage door springs in Oxnard snapped, there is nothing much you can do beside contact a garage door company in Oxnard who fix garage door spring. Oxnard Garage Doors And Gates offer same day garage door spring replacement in Oxnard California, since we know which springs are the most common in garages in Oxnard , and since we have the experience after many years of servicing garage doors in Oxnard California to fit the right spring for your overhead door. Whether you need a commercial torsion spring repair in Flatbush, or if you are looking for a residential garage door repair in Queens California we can help. We carry the garage door springs with us, and we can fix your garage door on the spot.
How to replace a broken garage door spring in Oxnard
Some garage door springs in Oxnard can be replaced in DIY repair, and some require a garage door specialist in Oxnard who can deal with heavy duty garage doors. The important thing is to make sure that you have the right garage spring for the job, and that you learned the garage door and its mechanism and you will know exactly what you are doing. If you own a commercial overhead door in Oxnard , or if you are interested in replacing torsion springs, or if it is a heavy garage door, we recommend to you to use the services of a garage door specialist in Oxnard to perform the spring replacement for you. A garage door spring replacement can be dangerous, and the best thing to do will be to use the services of a garage door expert in Oxnard , how have the knowledge and the experience to fix any garage door spring in Oxnard NY.
Garage torsion spring repair Oxnard CA
Locating the garage door spring in Oxnard
The first you should do on your way to garage door spring replacement is to locate a garage door supplier who sell garage door parts in Oxnard California. Once you located a garage door supplier in Oxnard , the next thing will be to get the right spring for your overhead garage door in Oxnard . We would like to make it clear that not all garage doors in California are the same, and that a spring that can perfectly fit your garage door in Rockaway, will not necessarily fit your garage door in Bay Ridge Oxnard . So you need to make sure that you purchased the right spring for your door.
Now it is the time to make it clear that we usually replace both garage door springs, and we recommend you to do the same to maintain the safe operating of your garage door in Oxnard , and to make sure that the door will remain balanced.
Replacing the old spring in Oxnard NY
After you contact a garage door supplier in Oxnard California and located the needed spring, the next thing will be removing the old spring and installing the new spring. Here is the place to make it clear that a garage door spring replacement can be a complicated job, and sometime what may seem simple on youtube, can be much more complicated in real life. There are many tutorials who explain how to replace a torsion spring in Oxnard , and following their instructions should make it easier for you to replace your garage door springs. But remember that the tutorial was filmed in a particular garage in Oxnard , and your garage and even your door is probably different than the one which is presented in the Video. So make sure you know exactly what you are doing, and avoid guesses and unnecessary risks. If you are not sure, or if you have questions on how to fix a garage door spring in Oxnard , contact us for a same day service.
Same day garage spring repairs in Oxnard California
After servicing garage doors in Oxnard and in California, we have the knowledge and the ability to fix every broken garage door. Whether it is a broken garage door in Borough Park Oxnard , or a roll up gate repair in Williamsburg California, no garage door repair is too complicated to us. And replacing garage door spring in Oxnard NY is something that we do on a daily base. We carry with us springs to fit all garage doors in Oxnard , and we can be there today. There is no need for long waiting, and there is no reason why we won’t be there at your convenience. All you need to do if you want your garage door spring replaced today is to give us a call for emergency garage door repairs in Oxnard ..


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